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John Curington MD

Dr. John Curington has been performing vasectomies for over 15 years. After graduating from Yale with a degree in Linguistics, John worked as a teacher and an Emergency Medical Technician. Then he attended the University of California School of Medicine at Davis and graduated with honors. Dr. Curington is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He trained in vasectomy during his residency and has literally traveled around the world for further study and experience in the no-scalpel technique.

Dr. Curington currently performs vasectomies throughout Florida with Dr. Doug Stein at the Vasectomy and Reversal Centers of Florida. Along with Dr. Stein, Dr. Curington is working on extending the availability of low-cost no-scalpel vasectomy across the state and internationally. He also has taught at several medical schools, both in the classroom and in clinic. He currently travels across the country with a team of educators from the University of California at San Francisco teaching about highly effective birth control. His main clinical interests focus on contraception and he has performed and taught vasectomies in the United States, the Philippines, Haiti, Kenya, and Mexico. Dr. Curington also particpates in and serves on the advisory board for World Vasectomy Day.

After performing over 4000 vasectomies, Dr. Curington is an advocate of the very gentle no-scalpel vasectomy technique. Both in his clinical practice in the United States, and in volunteer work across the world, Dr. Curington strives to perform the most comfortable and relaxed vasectomy possible.

John Curington MD
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